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          My Name is April Argo, and I am the Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor of Boston Terriers that are bred To the Standard set forth by the Boston Terrier Club of America.
          Being raised on an Arabian horse ranch as a child, and coming from a long line of animal lovers I poured my heart into my passion for my dogs. 

          When I was a teenager, my aunt who was also an owner/breeder had given me my first well-bred American Pit Bull Terrier back in 1996. I did my homework the history of the breed and studied pedigrees.  I kept a Solid white male puppy from the union of that pup and attempted to show in UKC. I attended two shows and then quit showing up until 2019. 


            After the passing of my mother in 2000, I quit raising American Pit Bull Terriers.   After I married My Husband in 2003, I decided to get back into my passion (Dogs) but didn't have the room for APBT's. After much consideration, I settled on The Boston Terrier, and it didn't take long to fall in love with the breed. 

            Through Trial and Error, and after 10 years wasted on poorly bred DQ colored dogs, after meeting and talking with my breeder/mentor, and partner in the breed Jani Martin for 2 years learning the standard, about correct conformation and through her wealth of knowledge, trust, and guidance, I received my first well-bred Boston terrier; where I began showing: EQ Iowana's 5th Element (Ella) who was destined to become the foundation of Argo's Kennels Boston Terriers. 


After getting my foot in the door, I gained another mentor Kathy McCracken who is not only a legend in her own right in this breed but has gifted me with her wealth of knowledge and trust.
Without these two ladies, I would not be where I am today, and I can't thank them enough for their friendship.  

I am a member in Good Standing of The Boston Terrier Club of America 
I breed for the Betterment of This Breed, striving to produce Quality Boston terriers that meet the Breed Standard in EVERY way. 
Breeding for myself and the next show prospect puppy, I do not have litters available often as I am not breeding to supply the pet market's demands. 

All puppies here at Argo's Kennels are held for evaluation for show potential homes first. Any puppies with clear Disqualifications for the ring may be available to pet homes sooner than the rest of the litter.   
All of my puppies are placed with "Limited AKC Registration" on a Strict Spay/Neuter Contract and each puppy born is placed with "Return Home Policy" to ensure my commitment to the puppies I produce that they never wind themselves up in Rescue or a Shelter. 

Show Prospect Puppies are placed on a strict show contract with co-ownership until their title is complete and all obligations have been fulfilled. I do NOT sell puppies on full registration to be used in a breeding program. Full Registration and Breeding rights are ONLY granted under strict circumstances with guidelines in place to protect the integrity of the breed, and the bloodlines that have been entrusted to me. 

Puppies are not to be shipped sight unseen. They must be picked up in person, or delivered to you in person by my mentor, co-breeder, and partner Jani Martin @ EQ Pet Travel. We ONLY ship through EQ Pet Travel and her associates. 


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