Our Health Guarantee and Agreement

Health Guarantee Policy Information, Instructions, and Purchase Agreement.
This contract is between the breeder; Argos Kennels, hereafter known as the seller, and ________________________; hereafter known as the buyer. Some of the following terms on this contract are negotiable, and any modifications shall be made by: Argos Kennels: Breeder/Seller.
1. Seller offers this puppy ___________________________for the amount of $________ Date: ___________________
Breeder: April Argo: Argo's Kennels
Dog/Puppy is sold with AKC: Limited Registration _____
Limited registration does not permit breeding or showing of the dog. The dog/puppy is sold as Pet Only.
Puppies will be microchipped and pre-registered with AKC prior to placement. Puppy papers will NOT be released to the buyer until proof of spay/neuter.
Full Registration ____
Full registration allows breeding and showing of the dog. The dog/puppy is sold as a show/breeding prospect. Any requirements or limitations are listed here:__________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Type of registration will be determined by this breeder and agreed upon with the purchaser prior to the sale. The buyer agrees that this puppy will NOT be registered under any registration other than the one provided by this breeder without the expressed written consent of the breeder.
I guarantee this pup/dog to be in good health at the time of sale. To keep this guarantee in force your dog must be examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 48 forty-eight hours of purchase at buyers expense. (No Cash Refunds) If your vet finds your pup/dog not to be in good health, it must be returned immediately with a certified statement to that effect from your veterinarian for replacement. (No Cash Refunds) Buyer assumes full responsibility for the health, anatomical makeup, appearance, and temperament of this animal while in his/her care. If any of the conditions in previous statement have changed the seller is relieved of their obligation to supply a replacement or refund of any kind. Common parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, demodex, sarcoptic, and coccidiosis are not cause for replacement. We accept no responsibility for your vet bills. We will not guarantee any dog whose shot schedule and regular worming schedule are not followed with proof from your vet. I further guarantee this dog for a period of one (1) year against Parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepetitis, and Influengo. If your dog/pup should contract any of these within this 1 year period, it must be returned immediately along with any paperwork and supplies, with a certified statement to that effect from your vet for replacement. (No Cash Refunds)Note: We stand behing our dogs 100% therefore, Only dogs/puppies sold under FULL registration are guaranteed against demodex, provided that the dog is spayed/neutered with proof from your vet. This guarantee ONLY applies to the pup/dog listed. Argo's Kennels can not except responsibility for any offspring produced.
If Replacement is not available at the time of return, one of the same sex will be made available as soon as possible within a reasonable amount of time. We offer a lifetime warranty that the Puppy/dog is to be free from hip displasia, have a normal heart, knees, elbows, and eyes. If your puppy/dog is found to have any of these conditions which will INTERFERE with his/her quality of life, seller will replace puppy/dog at the breeder/sellers earliest convenience, provided that the breeder/seller receives a certified statement which states that your dog/puppy has been spayed or neutered. A lifetime is defined by a period of ten (10) years. This provision is not meant to cover any condition due to the natural aging process, abuse, or neglect. (No Cash Refunds) We cannot accept responsibility for illness resulting from improper shots and care. The above guarantee constitutes the entire guarantee provided by the breeder/seller. No other guarantees or warranties including those of merchantability or reproduction have been made, neither impressed, nor implied. All information must be completed to validate this guarantee.

4. A non-refundable fee of 1/2 of the amount of the puppy/dog is required to hold a specific puppy/dog, If that puppy or dog is not available (due to health, wrong gender, color, etc.) buyer can choose another puppy out of the same litter, Or if one is not available the fee will go up for the next puppy of the next litter. All unpaid balances are due in full by age six weeks. This includes shipping, and the balance due on that particular puppy. Failure to remit balance in full by six week birth date of the puppy will result in the cancellation of the contract and forfeiture of your deposit. The puppy will then be re-advertised. We will not refund money or exchange puppy/dog because you have changed your mind for any reason.

5. Purchase price does not include the cost of shipping, crate, health certificate, etc. unless stated by the breeder/seller.

6. Buyer agrees to give proper and prompt veterinary care, along with quality dog food, and fresh water daily, secure exercise space, training, and proper housing.

7. Buyer agrees to keep the seller notified of current address and phone number

8.If at any time during the life of the puppy/dog concerned in this contract, the purchaser due to unforeseen circumstances cannot continue to keep the dog we HAVE to be notified and will accept the dog back and find a suitable home for him or her. No exchange of money or replacement is offered in this circumstance.




X Buyer's Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date: ____________________


9. Type of registration will be determined by this breeder and agreed upon with the purchaser prior to the sale. The buyer agrees that this puppy will NOT be registered under any registration other than the one provided by this breeder without the expressed written consent of the breeder.

X Buyer's Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date: ____________________

10.Buyer agrees that the seller is not responsible for the actions or safety of this animal once it leaves the sellers possession. Buyer further agrees to indemnify seller from any such actions. At no time ever should any child be left alone with any dog large or small, for the safety of the child and the dog. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to have their dog properly obedience trained, preferably by a professional.

10. Buyer agrees not to sell this puppy/dog to retailers, wholesalers, auctions, research, dog fighting, or any other persons without prior written consent of seller Argos Kennels. Buyer further agrees that any offspring produced from said dog/puppy will be sold with the same limitations. It is understood that these dogs are intended for personal protection, as pets, breeders, and/or show dogs, And that any dog in the right situation with fight to protect itself or its perceived territory.

12. Buyer agrees to love and protect their dog/pup and to keep him/her out of harms way. I understand that a dog who has been abused will bite. It is the responsibility of the owner to love, care for, and protect their dog/pup. Buyer further agrees that if said dog is ever put into a fight of any kind and I the breeder/seller find out that the dog/pup is being fought, rolled, or any other statement to that effect, the buyer agrees to pay any and all inquired vet bills, shipping, crate, and any other expenses in returning the pup/dog safely to my kennels without a refund of any kind.

Argo's Kennels has made substantial investments in pedigree selection, health testing, breeding stock, showing, and building a solid reputation for quality Boston Terriers. Any misuse of the sellers/breeders bloodlines could result in irreparable damage to that reputation, therefore should a puppy that was sold as a pet or with conditional breeding rights be utilized for breeding in a program other than outlined in this agreement, Argo's Kennels will take legal action including repossession of the dog, recovery of punitive damages and recovery of all expenses associated in remedying the breach of contract including but not limited to: Attorney's fees, transportation, unpaid wages, shipping, and vet expenses. No refunds will be issued if any breach in contract results in a repossession of the dog. Buyer will turn over any and all registration papers (including transfer signature) and health records. Should buyer not allow Argo's Kennels to take peaceful possession of the puppy, buyer agrees to pay Argo's Kennels any court costs, attorneys fees or any other expenses borne by Argo's Kennels in the effort to secure possession of the puppy.

If any part of this contract requires legal action in order to compel compliance, resolve a dispute or secure a judgment, buyer agrees that venue shall lie in Cullman County, Alabama.

These provisions have been made for the safety of the animal, the breed, and the community. Deposits are non-refundable. If payment arrangements have been made; the breeder/seller will not release the animal or paperwork until paid in full and any checks have cleared the bank. All dogs and puppies are sold on a first come first served basis. Puppies will be released by the breeder/seller at (8) weeks of age or at the breeder/sellers discretion.



LITTER #_____________________________________

GENDER:_____________ COLOR:________________________________________________________

MICROCHIP ID: ________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH:_______________________



DATE OF PURCHASE:_________________________________

BUYER:_________________________________ DATE:_________

BUYER ADDRESS:________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER:________________________________________

BREEDER/SELLER:_______________________________ DATE:_______

I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone at anytime.